Ugandan Held At Delhi Airport For Smuggling Cocaine

  • Gayathri Mathivanan
  • |
  • March 19, 2016, 1:43 PM


CISF arrested a Ugandan national in connection with smuggling of Rs 7.5 lakh worth contraband item, which is suspected to be cocaine, at Indira Gandhi International Airport.


Officials said that the accused, Webula Micheal was trying to smuggle 108 grams of contraband item from Delhi to Bangalore around 10.00 AM at terminal-3 of IGI Airport.


Security personnel carried out a thorough frisking during which, they said, a total of 108 grams of narcotics suspected to be cocaine was recovered from his baggage.


The contraband was reportedly packed and concealed in a tablet and half a dozen capsules.


Officials said Webula Micheal was later handed over to anti-narcotics sleuths who arrested him under relevant laws.


The officials said Micheal has a valid business visa till December 21.

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