Renault Kwid Features And Specification

  • Gayathri Mathivanan
  • |
  • April 14, 2016, 7:37 AM

The Maruti Alto has, so far, been the unchallenged master. The Renault Kwid, is possibly the Alto's worst nightmare. A car that'll give Maruti's little wonder a real run for its money.


Renault has been thinking of entering the small car space for quite some time.  Renault has taken another stab at bringing in something new and fresh to the Indian market and this time it is the Kwid. A small car which looks like a baby Duster has been launched at an aggressive price range of 2.56 lakh - 3.53 lakh.



The Kwid is offered with a 3-cylinder 799cc petrol engine that produces 54PS and 74Nm of torque. Renault claims the fuel efficiency of the Kwid is 25.17 km/l, making it the most fuel efficient car in the country. And the main reason for the spritely performance and its excellent ride-and-handling is the low weight of the car.


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