Kanhaiya Kumar Dragged Kicked By Lawyers

  • Gayathri Mathivanan
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  • February 17, 2016, 1:34 PM

Arrested JNU student Kanhaiya Kumar was dragged, kicked and slapped by lawyers at a Delhi court while being taken for a hearing.

A 200-strong group of lawyers was shouting slogans "Goli Maaro, Phaansi Do (shoot him, hang him!)" inside the court complex when Kumar was brought for the hearing. 

The attackers later "boasted" about beating Kanhaiya and said "our job is done", a report suggested.

The police could do nothing to stop the attack. But Delhi police commissioner BS Bassi refused to admit police inaction, saying Kumar was escorted by officers to protect him from assault. “I don’t think you can call that situation has went out of hand, I don’t think he was beaten up.”

The Supreme Court appointed a panel of lawyers to give report on the law and order situation at the Patiala House court.

'It is unfortunate that lawyers have stooped to such low levels. What can we do?' the Supreme Court said, expressing concern about the law and order situation.

The Supreme Court had restricted the number of people who could attend today's hearing to prevent the sort of violence and directed the Delhi Police chief to ensure safety, security of accused and all others who attended the court proceedings.

Kanhaiya is being sent to 14 days judicial custody till March 2.

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