Google launches WhatsApp competitor Allo

  • Gayathri Mathivanan
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  • September 21, 2016, 11:42 PM


Internet search giant Google on Wednesday has launched its latest mobile chat app, Allo. A striking feature of Google Allo is the built-in search, which allows users to search by just typing @google followed by the query. The AI-powered search is based on the Knowledge Graph of Google. While Facebook has been working to integrate bots with Messenger.


Allo’s launch comes close at heels after Google launched its slow-networks adaptable video chat application named Duo.


The messaging app Allo, which is available for Android and the iPhone, has similar features to most other messaging clients: stickers, emoji, the ability to draw on images like Snapchat and the choice of group or one-on-one chats.


Google also said that messages sent through Allo will be end-to end encrypted and users can also chat in Incognito mode which will have features like discreet notifications and message expiration.


During a demo, Google showed how you can use Allo to keep in touch with people. It looked like any other messaging app; chats appeared as bubbles, with one person’s chat bubbles appearing on one side in a certain colour, and another person’s chat bubbles appearing on the opposite side, and you could scroll up and down to see the entire threaded conversation.


Google Allo looks to be a mixed bag in terms of features. Only time will tell if it can challenge the dominance of Whatsapp or not.


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