Explosion at Davao City night market in Philippines

  • Gayathri Mathivanan
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  • September 2, 2016, 11:07 AM


An explosion at a market in the home city of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte killed at least 10 people on Friday and wounded dozens more, his spokesman said, adding the cause of the blast was unknown.


Firetrucks and ambulances were on the scene to attend to the injured, although they still could not give details about the explosion and the number of those wounded.


Duterte was in Davao on Friday, but was safe and at a police station after the explosion, his son Paolo Duterte, who is vice-mayor of the city, said.


The incident took place at a street market outside the high-end Marco Polo hotel in Davao, in the southern Philippines, a military spokesman told reporters by phone. A police official said at least 30 people had been hospitalised.


Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella told CNN Philippines that some 60 people were wounded and 10 confirmed dead.


The Davao City Police Office still has not given any statement or details on the reported explosion. Davao Police spokeswoman, Sr. Insp. Catherine Dela Rey, said that EOD (explosive and ordnance division) teams were already in the area looking for pieces of evidence.


Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte said initial reports coming to him said the blast was caused by an LPG tank, although he said this still needed to be confirmed.


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