BJP MP refuses US visa after being asked to remove ‘pagdi’

  • Gayathri Mathivanan
  • |
  • August 27, 2016, 2:03 AM


BJP MP Virender Singh has refusing to visit America after he was asked to take his turban off by the officials at the US embassy where he had gone for the visa.


"When I went US embassy on Wednesday for visa documentation, the officials asked me to take off my pagdi for photography. He was also advised not to wear turban while travelling to America. I refused and turned down the visa. I told them that I had been invited by the US and any invitation is not given on conditions," he added.


Singh, who is a well-known agriculturist, said he has “no great ambition to see the US” and it was the US Embassy which wanted him to travel to the country to hold discussions on “Indian farmer and traditional farming knowledge”.


“The US Embassy had invited me to US to attend a function on farmers, where I was asked to give a lecture on Indian agriculture techniques”, he said.


"How can I remove my pagdi," Singh said, adding, "It is my identity. It is my pride. Besides being an Indian and a farmer, I am also a Kshatriya. How can I remove my pagdi. I can't compromise with my pride."


Singh said he will raise the matter with the External Affairs Ministry and also in parliament.


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