Albania: Topless News Anchor Hired

  • Gayathri Mathivanan
  • |
  • March 1, 2016, 9:26 PM

A TV station in Albania is employing almost-topless news anchors to boost its audience. This isn’t the first time news agencies have experimented with naked news either.


Wearing open jackets and nothing underneath, these young women reading the headlines on Zjarr TV.


Zjarr TV owner, Ismet Drishti said, In Albania, where the news is manipulated by political powers, the audience needed a medium that would present the information like it is – naked. We don’t sell sex, we reproduce the news as it is. It’s both symbolic and good publicity. Drishti plans to launch French and English language bulletins with "bare information" following the same model because of its roaring success.

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