4.3 lakh Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Being Investigated for Sudden Brake Failure issue

  • Gayathri Mathivanan
  • |
  • July 12, 2016, 10:09 AM


Close to 4.3 lakh Harley-Davidson motorcycles are under investigation over a possible brake failure issue. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the US has launched an investigation into Harley-Davidson after receiving 43 complaints three accidents and two injuries due to braking system on the motorcycles failed without warning.


An Arkansas-based rider complained to NHTSA earlier this year that his 2011 HD FLHR started to shake and wobble all of a sudden while running at 75 mph. Another rider from Texas complained that the front brake lever froze completely while on the highway but fortunately he was able to decelerate the motorcycle using the rear brake.


Harley-Davidson has argued that the sudden loss in braking could be the result of customers ignoring the 2-year brake fluid replacement schedule.



The company has officially commented that it is aware of the investigation, and will be cooperating with the authorities, whenever needed.


Earlier in 2014 the American motorcycle company recalled 60000 motorcycles for braking issue. In India the motorcycle maker sells most of its global lineup. Some of the models sold in India are produced locally in the country. While some models come via CBU route. Now it is to be seen if the models in India also have similar problem or not.

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